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Kayser, Bengt, University of Lausanne (Switzerland)
Kayser, Bengt, Institute of Sport Sciences, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
Klenk, Christoffer
Klostermann, Andrè (Austria)
Kolbinger, Otto, Technological University of Munich (Germany)
Könecke, Thomas, Faculty of Social Sciences, Media, and Sport Department of Sport Economics, Sport Sociology and Sport History Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 55099 Mainz Germany (Germany)
Konrad, Andreas, Institute of Sport Science, Graz University (Austria)
Kopp, Martin
Kopp, Martin, University of Innsbruck; Editor-in-Chief (Austria)
Korte, Florian, "Technical University of Munich" and "Center for Digital Technology and Management"
Köstinger, Christel, Institute of Sport Science, University of Bern (Switzerland)
Kredel, Ralf
Kristiansen, Elsa, School of Business, University of South-Eastern Norway, Drammen, Norway (Norway)
Kristiansen, Elsa
Kurscheidt, Markus, University of Bayreuth (Germany)

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